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Colbert on McCains VP Pick and the DNC

Click here to view part 1 if youtube video does not play

Click here to view part 2 if youtube video does not play

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Cipha & Rosenberg 8/29 – Its fun…fun to do bad things

Probably one of the funniest all around shows they have done that wasn’t titled Juan Epstein.

We get to hear their reactions from Obama’s DNC speech Thursday night. Cipha & Rosenberg send out a happy birthday shout out to The King of Pop Michael Jackson. Then we are treated by a phone call from Bizzar Obama. Video Vato calls in and lets us know what to look for in theaters this weekend. Then the moment many of us had been waiting for …Cipha & Rosenberg get Latarian Milton on the phone.  After the show we get a short mix from DJ Cipha Sounds (Man I miss those More Fire Mixes he did on Shade 45)

Click here to listen to the 8/29 Edition of Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg.

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Foxxhole Radio – Live at the DNC

This weeks edition of the Jamie Foxx show was a rebroadcast of last nights live 3 1/2 hour Extravaganza at the DNC. Here is the whole Foxxhole DNC Special. The show was EXCELLENT; From all the special guests that stopped by, to the usual jokes, to somebody shhh’n Jamie during Al Gore’s speech. One of the best Foxxhole’s ever …and longest. CNN’s Roland Martin stopped by and DROPPED KNOWLEDGE (did i spell knowledge right?) and Foxxhole political analyst Eric Wilson also stopped by, I hope you guys enjoy.

Click Here to listen to Foxxhole Radio live from the DNC

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Juan Epstein – The Latarian Milton Interview

For the best listening experience watch the video first before listening to the interview

Juan Epstein – The Latarian Milton Interview

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Lip Service 8/25 feat. Maino and Joe Budden

This week Angela Yee and Leah Rose are joined by Maino and Joe Budden(Joe Budden?? the dude thats runnin with Obama?? naaaah thats Joe Biden, this is Joe Budden). Anyone that listens to the show knows Maino is a friend of the show and its always entertaining when he stops by, Especially when the Beautiful Sexy Milani fine self is there too.  Don’t let me tell it though, just look at this picture.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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The Claudia Jordan Show – Domestic Abuse

Probably one of the best shows they have ever done. Click here to listen.

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New Juan Epstein feat. Q-Tip



If you are a Tribe fan you definately want to listen to this one!  Click here to listen.

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Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg 8/18 – 8/22

This is the show I listen to on the train everyday to keep me entertained and awake. Cipha & Rosenberg keep it entertaining every morning with their sense of humor and interesting takes on current events. I might have to start posting these everyday.

Monday – Morning Show 08/18/08
Tuesday- Morning Show 08/19/08
Wednesday-  Morning Show 08/20/08
Thursday-  Morning Show 08/21/08
Friday-  Morning Show 08/22/08

If you’re in New York city or the Tri State area you can listen to Cipha & Rosenberg mornings 5am to 7 am on HOT 97!

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Juan Epstein – Raphael Saadiq and Murs

Another classic episode of the Juan Epstein Podcast with Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg. Find out why Rosenberg’s whiteness plagues him and Murs and Rosenberg call Murs porn star “friend”.

Click here to listen

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Lip Service VIDEO – MURS, Roxy Reynolds and Candace Von

You all heard the audio, now here is the video. Murs, Roxy Reynolds and Candace Von in studio. I wish we could get an uncensored version of this video. I guess we gonna have to hit up Angela Yee and straight up BEG for it. Also for the record <lies>I would never….eeeeeeeeeever let a woman sit on my face or put my face in their ass</lies>

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