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The Claudia Jordan Show 9/29/08: Date Rape

Click here to listen and download

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Lip Service 9/22/08: Featuring Termanology

Angela and Leah are back with another dope edition of Lip Service. This week the ladies are joined by rapper Termanology. Stay Tuned…The next lip service I post will be a hot one…The ladies were joined by R&B Singer Avant and in hour 2 joined by rapper Kurupt and Roscoe. As soon as DJ Wonder makes the link available I will post it.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Juan Epstein:Mr Cee talks B.I.G.

Here is a great episode of Juan Epstein featuring a surprise interview with DJ MR CEE. He tells some great stories of how he met Biggie and got him his first deal.

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SNL Palin/Couric Interview Spoof 9/27/08

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Shade 45 G-Unit Radio and The Gomez Brothers Present: The G-Spot

I never posted this show before but Mimi does such a good job every week that I feel the whole world gotta hear her show. This week Fatman Scoop, Youtube sensation Alexyss K. Tylor and R&B singer Joe join her as guest. Your host is Ms. Mimi, she is joined in studio by  Donna the Jewish American Princess aka “DonnaJew” and Nelson of the Gomez Brothers. DJ Don Juan is in the mix.

Click here to listen

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Foxxhole Radio Presents – Presidential Debate Numero Uno

The crew came back again Friday night to bring us the first of 3 debates between Presidential Candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. Your anchor for this event was Tyronne Koppel.

After the debate was over the crew gave their opinions on what was said during the debates and took a couple calls to see what the people had to say.

If you want to skip over most of the debate and get to the commentary by everyone at the end it starts around the one hour thirty seven minute mark.

Click here to listen

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Foxxhole Radio 9/26/2008

Click here to listen to the 9/26/08 edition of The Jamie Foxx Show

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Marshawn Lynch Is A Fool Wit It!!!

After watchin this video dude is now my favorite football player…There are too many hilarious parts in this video. The part about playing kickball, Atari, Is Tom Brady Hyphy, Mario Kart, his favorite part of training camp, and the best advice he’s received…just watch it.

Shout out to BGOL…thats where I found this.

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G-Unit Radio:T-Pain Interview with DJ Whoo Kid

Part 1 :

Part 2:

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Chris Rock on David Letterman 9/22/2008

Chris Rock on David Letterman going off on everything from Bill Clintons earlier appearance to Obama beating Hillary in the Democratic Primary and Alaska’s favorite MILF Sarah Palin

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