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Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg 5.11.09


Nude pics are everywhere, and it’s great. First Cassie and now Rihanna.  Anyway, today Cipha & Rosenberg talked about “beef” with Nick Canon and Eminem (yeah wrestlemania beef),  the Forbes list of wealthiest black people in America and our boy Hov made it. They also had La La on the show talking about her new show on VH1.

p.s. follow Cipha on Twitter. He usually posts a link to the show hours before I post it here.

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Gomez Bros 2/7/09: feat 50 Cent and Rick Ross’ Baby Mama


This will probably go down as the one show everybody will talk about during the week. Nelson,Ms Mimi and DonnaJew in studio this week. (Gaby out here in l.a. for the grammy’s with Akon and Asher Roth). Special guests were 50 Cent and Officer Ricky’s baby mama tia. They have video of everything on The chatroom was going banana’s, the interview was banana’s, so go ahead and listen.

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Foxxhole Radio 2/6/09


Shout out to Earney from the facebook group for recording this week.

Click here to listen and download.

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Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg 2/3/09


Today on the show Cipha & Rosenberg covered many subjects.  They talked about women and weight issues…Christian Bale losing it on the Terminator set (that ish was hilarious)…Free Grand Slams at Denny’s. I love pancakes as much as the next man, but i aint willin to waiting in line for 45 minutes.  Finally its Tuesday and you know what that means..SHOWDOWN WITH CIPHA SOUNDS Cartoon Edition!! Also a very funny Magical Mind of Rosenberg.  Finally they discuss 50 hanging out with Rick Ross’ baby moms out then taking her shopping for furs and Gucci. MY LORRRRRRRRRRD!!!

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G-Unit Sundays 2/1/09: Super Bowl Sunday Edition


This week Ms. Mimi is holding down the fort on G-Unit Sunday. It was Super Bowl Sunday so you know what the main topic of conversation was gonna be. Also Angela Yee stopped by to chat it up with Ms. Mimi.

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Gomez Bros/G-Spot Radio 1/24/09: feat Joe Budden and Nipsey Hussle


The whole gang is back for another week.  Nelson, Gaby,DonnaJew, Ms Mimi and DJ Don Juan. This weeks special guests are Nipsey Hussle & Joe Budden.  Nipsey Hussle been living up to his name, dude been all over New York this week. Joe Budden comes through during G-Spot radio. He speaks on Slaughterhouse, Saigon,DJ Vlad, and Ransom.

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Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg 12/19/08


Today was one of those days that they were all over the map. Discussed Perez Hiton’s beef with Obama, the ghettoness that will be in D.C. during the Inauguration and how the cops will handle the massive amounts of people, also spoke to a girl who thought her boyfriend was cheating. Also Keyshia Cole stopped by the show and she was amazing.

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