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Lip Service 1.4.10: Feat Joe Budden, Q-Tip & Rosa Acosta

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Click here for part 2

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Lip Service 3.16.09: Feat. Saigon, Joe Budden, and Rabbit


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Click here to download part 2

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Gomez Bros 1/31/09


Another dope edition of the Gomez Bros radio show. This week Saigon &  MIMS stopped by. Also they talked about the Rick Ross/50 Cent Battle. Imma call it a battle until they start runnin no less than 50 deep, makin enemies start jeeps and they need two gats to go to sleep. Nelson, Gaby and Ms Mimi all in studio this week also.

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Gomez Bros/G-Spot Radio 1/24/09: feat Joe Budden and Nipsey Hussle


The whole gang is back for another week.  Nelson, Gaby,DonnaJew, Ms Mimi and DJ Don Juan. This weeks special guests are Nipsey Hussle & Joe Budden.  Nipsey Hussle been living up to his name, dude been all over New York this week. Joe Budden comes through during G-Spot radio. He speaks on Slaughterhouse, Saigon,DJ Vlad, and Ransom.

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Lip Service 11/10/08: Feat. Pleasure P and Joe Budden


You already know what it is. This week Angela and Leah Welcome Pleasure P and Joe Budden. Check out the part where Angela is talking to Joe Budden’s girl (I know yall seen her and her ass on them world star hip hop dot com videos) and asking her questions about how often Joe calls home when he’s out on the road…throwin Joe’s street cred all out the window and shit. Oh and they were celebrating DJ Wonder’s birthday also. They had a “dancer” there to give Wonder a lapdance. Please tell me there is video of this somewhere!

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Cornball is for the people…Special Requested Lip Service Episode From 2007

I got a comment requesting this episode of Lip Service from October 2007. The Show features Joe Budden and pornstars Candace Von and Naomi Banxxx.

Part 1:


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Lip Service 8/25 feat. Maino and Joe Budden

This week Angela Yee and Leah Rose are joined by Maino and Joe Budden(Joe Budden?? the dude thats runnin with Obama?? naaaah thats Joe Biden, this is Joe Budden). Anyone that listens to the show knows Maino is a friend of the show and its always entertaining when he stops by, Especially when the Beautiful Sexy Milani fine self is there too.  Don’t let me tell it though, just look at this picture.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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