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Chocolate News: David Alan Grier Takes a Dookie on Rush Limbaugh

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Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg 11/5/08:You Already Know What It Is!


Today was a lot of political talk. They also talked about what rappers would be best for Obama’s cabinet. Also had the top 5 things that have already changed since Obama won the election. Over all… a good frickin day.

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Other goodies:

“My President is Black” – Young Jeezy and Nas

“Pop Champagne / Barack Campaign” – Ron Browz and Busta

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Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg 10/27/08


Welcome back to the grind, Today’s show had tons of topics. The most disturbing story over the weekend is definitely the Jennifer Hudson situation. Crazy world we live in. They also got political with Rosenberg’s Round table. Also, talked about funny schoolyard fights. Rosenberg’s capo Jim Jones called up as well.

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Foxxhole Radio Presents: Presidential Debate #2 Electric Boogaloo

Jamie Foxx, Speedy, Lewis Dix, and Sheryl Underwood all in studio with pre and post debate commentary.

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Vote or Die?? How about Vote and die: Hope this doesn’t happen to me

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Foxxhole Radio Presents – Presidential Debate Numero Uno

The crew came back again Friday night to bring us the first of 3 debates between Presidential Candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. Your anchor for this event was Tyronne Koppel.

After the debate was over the crew gave their opinions on what was said during the debates and took a couple calls to see what the people had to say.

If you want to skip over most of the debate and get to the commentary by everyone at the end it starts around the one hour thirty seven minute mark.

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Whoopi to McCain: ‘Should I Be Worried About Being a Slave?’

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Colbert on McCains VP Pick and the DNC

Click here to view part 1 if youtube video does not play

Click here to view part 2 if youtube video does not play

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